Organ & Tissue Donation Scotland

Organ & Tissue Donation Scotland 

Did you know that one donor can save the lives of up to 9 people, and transform even more by donating tissue?

With around 500 people each year waiting on an organ transplant and not enough donors to help all of these people, all of us can do something to help - whatever our age, and whatever our health and having an illness or a medical condition does not necessarily prevent you from becoming an organ or tissue donor. 

Around half of the Scottish population have already registered a donation decision but only 1% of donors die in a way that makes them eligible for organ and tissue donation.

The Law 

The law in Scotland has changed to an opt out system to help save and improve lives. Under the new opt out system, if all adults aged 16 years and over have not confirmed whether they want to be a donor, they will be considered to be willing to donate their organs and tissue when they die, unless they choose to opt out. Faith, beliefs and culture will always be respected.  

It's Your Choice!

Everyone feels different about organ and tissue donation, but most people are aware of its life-saving and life-enhancing importance. Whatever you decide, it's important to make sure your donation decision is known, so be sure to tell your family and friends.

If you wish further information on organ and tissue donation before making a decision or you wish to register your decision, please visit  

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